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driven by web searches for the name of Roman Kemp, the 19-year-old musician and 6ft 1in fashion-model son of Martin Kemp, the TV soap star, film producer and bass player with Spandau Ballet.

Evidently, sharp-eyed fans had been excited to catch three glimpses of both Roman and his sister house this week on the UK’s Channel 5.

He was immediately tipped at 5/2 as bookies’ favourite to win the three-week competition.

In response to this surge of interest in the model showbiz family, Shapersofthe80s rounds up a few links to reports we have published in the past — not forgetting mother Shirlie Kemp who was herself a popstar in the 80s in a double act with Pepsi Demacque, as well as being one of the jive girls in Wham! But Google search reveals Roman to be the star of the moment, just as his career switches into gear as a fashion model.

For, as he would often tell the world in later years, Michael always knew he was gay.

Currently, she is one of the powerhouses that is helping to make GEAN an influential and history-making force in the entertainment industry.Yes, Harley and I were in the Spice Girls' video "Mama". I love 'Club Tropicana,' it was the best location I have been in to make a video.It just happened that two of my friends were working on it and called me. I also love 'Last Christmas' as it was all our friends in the video and lots of hot chocolate and warm fires. 's primarily teenage fan base, the announcement of Wham!'s break-up was made in the spring of 1986, with a grand finale concert at Wembley Stadium on 28 June 1986, called The Final. career, Holliman and De Macque decided to form their own act, named Pepsi & Shirlie.We celebrate awards, you go to post theatre show parties, you go to all that stuff.'So when I'm at home and I'm away from that, the idea of celebrating anything just kind of [doesn't appeal]. It will be quiet.'At the most, if you're talking about me and Shirlie on our anniversary, it will be me and Shirlie going out for a nice dinner together.'I've never thrown a big party in my life.


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