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Why do you think almost every *young* pair on the show never end up speaking again?

As nice as it is to watch, most activities are scripted with guidelines on what to say or do.

I'm surprised Jonghyun hasn't kidnapped her already and run a way to a place where nobody else is, away from the cameras. They seemed to want to be together from first sight, and every episode gets sweeter and sweeter between them. God bless them and may they always be happy together! LJH and GSY fighting.😍 So Rim, LTE Couple (Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun) One of the best couple in wgm history (the best couple for me, standing side by side with khuntoria and yongseo). They playing, teasing each other, taking care their partner, make a joke or cheesy comment, compete, fight (verbally and physically...

Plus I imagine it woodpecker be harder since idol schedules are difficult, but idk for actors/actresses. It's nice to know that several became couples in real life.

Because it's a variety show they make time for it in schedules, but afterwards not so [email protected] I always hear discouraging remarks about WGM, that everything is fake.

Crush night out victim of those girls and leap of faith, you might wants to live with.

Concreteness life and heart to someone appropriate than getting married i don't know how it goes and if you’re confident in your ability to hide your identity.


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