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You have to have a penchant for hearing large-scale structures unfold over relatively long periods to appreciate classical music, though this can be an acquired skill.

It’s this large-scale quality, the sheer dimension of expression that the master composers strove for, that makes classical music different. But the art form is certainly ambitious and demanding. Even a 20-minute Haydn string quartet requires you to focus in order to grasp the structure, content and character.

Now, in truth, classical music bears some responsibility for propagating the idea that the art form is the greatest. The towering composers of earlier eras, even Bach and Handel, thought of themselves as artist-practitioners, creating the works their jobs demanded, even recycling existing pieces when pressed for time.This is just a friendly reminder that you don’t pay a dime for the dozen or so articles I post every month.In case you’re feeling guilty, this is your chance at absolution by sending cash, check or money order to Burt Prelutsky 16604 Dearborn Street North Hills, CA 91343-3604.Joe and Clownbaby join the show / Alex Jones Clips of the week / On my, our wraist line / Pentagon plans for Civil Breakdown / Las Vegas Shooters / Gun Control Talk / Boner Challenge / Wrap Drive in are future / Iraq is not longer a fun place / A...Joe and Clownbaby join the show / people love power cumming / special fx power cums / porn talk / sound edit 16 / Alex Jones Clips of the week / Adam Carolla patent troll / Podcast talk / Joe Rogan vs Adam Carolla / Potter Cast / Slow Internet Break /...“Eleanor Rigby,” I’d argue, is just as profound as Mahler’s “Resurrection” Symphony.


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