Absolutely no bullshit intimate dating

Aptly named to imply a superior caste of digital daters, The League relies on a screening algorithm that promises to keep its community "well-balanced and high-quality," so perhaps the negative press was somewhat understandable.

But instead of an alarm clock that rattles off to-do list items or a hybrid baby monitor/conference call speaker, the 29-year-old's clutching her i Phone and swiping through a prototype of The League, her dating app that launches today.They are politely trying to let you off the hook by giving you a version of, “It’s not you, it’s me.” You respond to this politeness by aggressively calling them out, immediately letting these women know they made the right choice. And, by the way, many women are in fact “not those kinds of girls.” These are people who wait to know someone before they become sexually intimate. A mutual friend told me that Steve is too shy to openly confess his feelings for me, so last year I told him that I had romantic and sexual feelings for him.This wisdom protects them from complicated encounters with people like you. He said he was not sure of his feelings for me, but thought I was “cute.” We went out drinking and he took me back to his place. He was shocked and said he hoped I didn’t think he was trying to “come on” to me.We’re talking about a document that is thick and weighty, that releases the production company and the network from almost every conceivable possibility. I can’t even think of enough words to describe how in-depth that release is.Is there language in the paperwork that states contestants may be in a situation where they are drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and are engaging in sexual relationships with other contestants?It's great—really great—in spite of what some people might have you think.


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