Seattle japanese dating

Tech consultant/writer and Seattle native Jeff Reifman is having a hard time finding a date in his city.

But unlike most men, who might blame their romantic travails on being overweight or living with their parents or women being selfish shallow bitches who just can’t appreciate Nice Guys, Reifman believes his dating woes come from a less expected source:

In a blog post titled “You’ve Got Male: Amazon’s Growth Impacting Seattle’s Dating Scene,” Reifman says that the retail conglomerate’s rapid expansion—Amazon’s Seattle workforce has increased nearly fivefold over the past few years, with its number of Seattle employees up from 5,000 to 25,000 since 2010—has affected his ability to get a date.

Approximately 75 percent of Amazon’s workforce is male, and Reifman argues that there simply aren’t enough available single women in the city to go around: Over the past two years, I’ve personally found dating in Seattle has become increasingly difficult.

You can therefore rest assured that you will not be matched with people out to waste your time.

Here’s what you’re up against: Seattle is the most overcast city in...

well, the universe probably, and the weather will affect your personal life in several ways: the lack of sunshine can make you depressed; studies suggest people in warmer cities are more friendly, which certainly helps when you're looking for someone to get "friendly" with; and it's hard to meet anyone when most of the city will be at home in sweat pants watching According to women, it's because Seattle guys are all awkward, passive aggressive losers who don't know how to talk to women.

Seriously, whether it’s the constant single shade of gray or the fact that we’re just too laid-back, there’s no place tougher to find the one…

or even just someone to spend our nine months of winter with.


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