Steve jobs widow dating

Fenty announced separation from Michelle, his wife of 15 years on January 14, 2013 and has reportedly started dating Jobs since later that year.Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, may have met another match.Steve Jobs' widow brought her best accessories to Croatia -- her daughter, hot bf and Steve's yacht. Docked not far off the coast was the 256-foot, 0 mil yacht, Venus ...Laurene Powell hit up the historic city of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia flanked by 19-year-old daughter Eve and bf Adrian Fenty ... commissioned by the late Apple founder back in 2008.He enlisted the expertise of designer Phillippe Starck to create his one-of-a-kind sailing paradise and hired the chief designer of the Apple Stores to make structural glass for the yacht.It has been reported that a row of 27-inch i Macs are used by the ship's captain to navigate in the wheelhouse.They first met at a conference in 2011 where they discussed school reforms.Welcoming Adrian on board, Laurene described him as "one of our country's great advocates for education reform," adding that his "sense of urgency and record of accomplishment is unparalleled." Adrian, who works for a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, and Michelle, his wife of 15 years and mother of his three children, announced their separation in January.

“Adrian Fenty is one of our country’s great advocates for education reform,” she said in a statement when he joined the board.

“His sense of urgency and record of accomplishment is unparalleled.” The College Track board position led to his job as a special adviser at Andreessen Horowitz.

He met co-founder Marc Andreessen at a College Track event; Andreessen’s wife is a close personal friend of Powell Jobs.

He never got to enjoy it -- Steve died a year before it was finished in 2012.

The widow of Steve Jobs and her boyfriend have been pictured on holiday in Croatia with the 0million yacht the late Apple founder built but never got to use.


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