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Through the unique investment offers designed in collaboration with India's leading developers, Mr.

Chowdary has helped 1000s of families across the world in creating wealth to the tune of 100% to 400% ROI in real estate investments spanning all major verticals of the industry - that is commercial, residential, retail & hospitality. Chowdary's firm G&C Global works with India's leading builders to provide tailor made investment offers to its clients across the globe, helping them earn ROI of 100% to 400% in 2 to 4 years time depending on category and city.

After 20 illustrious years of award winning performance at one of India's top PSUs, Mr.

Chowdary setup G&C Global in 2004, which in a span of 10 years has grown to become South India's No.1 real estate consultancy and wealth management firm and among the top 3 in the country in its field of operations.

As a result, the need has increased for professional quality audio/video systems and components spanning a broad spectrum of applications, from relatively simple to highly sophisticated, integrated broadband and multimedia solutions.

Technomight delivers a complete range of innovative audio visual solutions with class-leading professionalism and service.

Consequently, a hacker could use your Chatroulette activity to get the information he can use to try and attack you, but he cannot attack you directly through the site itself.

If you want to get unbanned from Chatroulette, here are a few different tactics you can try.

Exposure to inappropriate or offensive imagery, objectionable language and generally lewd behavior are all likely risks of using Chatroulette.

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