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“Since I was little, I looked up to cover models, like being on Men's Health or GQ, like really masculine men with good bodies, good physiques.” Yet he also felt like the ideal those men represented were out of reach for him, until he started medical transition at 24.Through hard work at the gym, he found his own body resembling those men.In this case, toggle the menu type value to some other value and then back to the desired value.Now that we're aware of this bug, we're actively working on it. It will be more than a week before we'll be able to have an updated build (Beta 4.0.1) available.Many of the options will simply not work when using a non-English UI.

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When 29-year-old Benjamin Melzer, the first transgender man to be on the cover of the German edition of Men’s Health, stopped by Buzz Feed News for a chat, he brought along his mom Margret. “I don't care if it's all day long and if it's exhausting, if I'm freezing — I just love it.

Soft-spoken and low-key, Melzer doesn’t demand attention — until he gets in front of a camera, where he somehow feels at home.“Modeling, standing in front of the camera is so my thing. It feels right for me.”Melzer grew up near Cologne, Germany, knowing early on that he felt like a boy.


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