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The relationship between Sophie (Brooke Vincent) and Sian (Sacha Parkinson) will be “implicit” and “emotional”, Vincent said.

Speaking to the Sun, the actress said: “The story’s quite cleverly done.

Even though she had insisted she'd be fine, Leigh hadn't taken no for an answer.

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Career Brooke's first television appearance was as a guest character, Casey Emma Glass, in the TV series, The League of Gentlemen.

This storyline on Coronation Street started on 11 April 2010.

On 5 November 2010 at the "Stonewall Awards" ceremony, Coronation Street won the new "Broadcast of the Year" award, in recognition of its gay storylines.

It’s going to be implicit, not explicit, and we want that to come across.

It’s emotional and more about the feelings.” The storyline will also see Sophie and her sister Rosie put their differences aside over the new relationship.


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